NASCAR Champion Driver Darrell Waltrip: Even Good Guys ‘Go To Hell’

file photo of Waltrip's NASCAR
us44mt/Wikimedia Commons

Speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast Darrell in Washington D.C. today, NASCAR legend David Waltrip acknowledged that he was surprised by the invitation to be the keynote speaker, but after praying about it he accepted the opportunity.

“I said, I’ve got it, but I’m not a brain surgeon and I’m not running for office so I’m the perfect guy to be here this morning,” he joked.

As Waltrip was introduced, the breakfast organizers displayed a video of one of Waltrip’s horrific crashes, as a reminder of what he’s survived.

During his speech, Waltrip recalled one of his crashes that helped him grow in his faith.

“It scared the hell out of me,” he said. “And I mean that literally.”

Waltrip said that he found himself wondering: if he had died in the crash if he would have gone to heaven or hell?

“I thought I was a pretty good guy, and folks, let me tell you something, good guys go to hell,” he said frankly as some of the audience applauded. “If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, if you don’t have a relationship, if he is not the master of your life, if you’ve never gotten on your knees and asked him to forgive you of your sins, you are just a pretty good guy or a pretty good gal, you’re going to go to hell.”