Offensive Tweet Gets Teen Fired Before Her First Day


Usually a worker’s first day on a new job is full of wonder and excitement, sometimes those first days end up a disappointment. But one girl didn’t even get to her first day after sending an offensive tweet about her new job that got her fired before she even started.

An almost pizza shop employee named Cella apparently wasn’t too excited about starting her new job at a pizza joint and took to her Twitter account to complain about her upcoming place of employment. On Twitter, Cella wrote “Ew I start the F**k A** job tomorrow.” She added to that enlightening tweet no less than seven thumbs down emoticons. Seven.

But even as Cella was ruing the day she was to start her new job, her boss decided to help her out of her emotional dilemma by firing her for the offensive tweet before she even started the job.

Pizza shop boss Robert Waple saw Cella’s intemperate tweet and replied with one of his own.

“Cella, And… no you don’t start that FA job today! I just fired you! Good luck with you no money, no job life!” Robert tweeted.

The boss later noted that he doesn’t use Twitter very often, but an employee sent him a heads-up about Cella’s tweet and he thought he’d respond.

Naturally, Cella deleted her tweet, but many Twitter users made screenshots of the message. Still, Cella later confirmed her situation by tweeting that she lost her job. “I got fired over Twitter,” she wrote.

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