NY ID Law Written to Self-Destruct In Case Anti-Amnesty Republican Wins In 2016

REUTERS/Jason Redmond
REUTERS/Jason Redmond

Give New York City Councilman Carlos Menchaca some credit for honesty. Most amnesty shills aren’t quite so open about seeing themselves as fighting for the other side in a war against law-abiding Americans, with illegal aliens as the invasion force that will finally subdue the hated Middle Class forever.

The New York Post finds Menchaca crowing about a self-destruct mechanism in a rule that will thwart efforts by those dratted rule-of-law types to use New York’s lovely new ID database to enforce America’s tottering immigration system:

Get the shredders ready — the Tea Party could be coming.

The city’s new municipal ID program allows for personal info provided by applicants to be destroyed at the end of 2016, in case a conservative Republican wins the White House and demands the data, the law’s co-sponsor told The Post on Monday.

City Councilman Carlos Menchaca (D-Brooklyn) said the measure was crafted so data submitted by those seeking the cards can be destroyed on Dec. 31, 2016.

The cards are aimed at undocumented immigrants.

“In case a Tea Party Republican comes into office and says, ‘We want all of the data from all of the municipal ID programs in the country,’ we’re going to take the data,” he explained.

The next president assumes office Jan. 20, 2017.

“That date is an important signal to the future of immigration reform. That allows us to prepare for any new leadership,” Menchaca said.

Rest assured, in the event Obama’s “leadership” is supplanted by someone who actually thinks laws mean what they say, the government is duty-bound to enforce them, and the primary concern of the American government should be American citizens (or, Heaven forbid, American taxpayers), Mechaca and his crew are ready to spring into action, wiping out data that could be used against his preferred constituents.

In order to get an ID, residents must provide their names, addresses, aliases, dates of birth and other information, making it easy for the feds to identify undocumented immigrants.

Menchaca said the Obama administration has shown no interest in going after the data, but he didn’t want to take any chances on the next administration.

“Though we have not seen documents like this get requested at the level of the federal government, that could be a possibility, so that really allows us to protect the data,” he said.

Immigrant advocates praised the provision.

“It’s no secret that one of the biggest sticking points in the ID programs is ensuring that there’s confidentiality, that immigrants are comfortably giving their information to the city,” said Steven Choi, executive director of the New York Immigration Coalition.

“The sunset is part and parcel of the effort to ensure confidentiality.”

The funny thing is that these amnesty shills will spin on a dime and claim immigration law is unenforceable because our titantic multi-trillion-dollar mega-government can’t keep track of illegals with its all-seeing Sauron eye. That’s been their answer every single time law-abiding Americans asked why the government that can regulate the lemonade stands of uppity suburban children out of existence can’t seem to enforce citizenship laws, which are the gateway for accessing our lavish welfare state and political system.

If people try to build a house on duly permitted land that turns out to be a bit too soggy for the Environmental Protection Agency’s taste, an army of bureaucratic enforcers will descend upon them faster than Agent Smith could replicate himself to fight Neo in “The Matrix Reloaded.”

But cross the border illegally and you instantly disappear into impenetrable shadows… which Mechaca now feels comfortable enough to admit our adversaries in the amnesty movement do everything in their power to keep nice and deep.

Thousands of illegals can emerge from those shadows to attend a rally designed to distort the American political system, and not a single one of them will be arrested. Use modern information technology to create a database that could be used to track illegals down, and Democrats will dynamite the thing before any Republican president gets any funny ideas about using it for that purpose.

We stand at the end of a long game to swap out the ornery American electorate for something more amenable to Big Government schemes: the gates were thrown open, the guards were deliberately blinded, and now we’re told we have no choice but to hand citizenship over to the millions who strolled in without asking for permission.

The amnesty crew feels pretty good about its chances of completing the final phase of this operation, so they spend less and less time paying even the most cursory lip service to Those Who Work Hard and Play By the Rules. Our Ruling Class has sternly instructed the American people they have nothing to say about immigration, and soon we’ll be told we have nothing to say about giving the new arrivals welfare benefits, ballots, and even good old-fashioned cash transfer payments.

Just over the past few weeks, the IRS admitted that all the “Gang of Eight” blather about making illegals pay back taxes to earn citizenship was cover for plugging them into the system and paying them, through an Earned Income Tax Credit they’ll be able to claim retroactively for thousands of dollars.  Peter Kirsanow of National Review ran the numbers on amnestied aliens using their shiny new Social Security numbers to vote illegally, and concluded “it’s hard to see how it won’t affect the outcome of some number of close elections.” Democrats are ready to shut down the Department of Homeland Security to make sure the amnesty train keeps rolling, even after a midterm-election beating administered in no small part because (legal) American voters wanted to pull the brakes.

This whole thing is just about over, and it will be an unambiguous defeat for the American people and their system of laws, as they are subdued by a Ruling Class that could not be more clear about its contempt for what legal citizens of the United States think about the integrity of its borders.

The injunction granted against Obama’s amnesty program by a federal judge in Texas might well be nullified by the usual legal arguments about whether the American people or their state representatives have “standing” to bring lawsuits against an overweening federal government. We the People never seem to have “standing” any more, not from the highest courts to the lowest levels of the bureaucracy.