Obama Family Favorite Meal: Sushi, Sashimi and Tempura

First lady Michelle Obama stands with White House Senior Policy Adviser for Nutrition Policy Sam Kass. The food czar was snubbed from speaking at the School Nutrition Association's convention in Boston.
Charles Dharapak/AP

First Lady Michelle Obama reveals that the First Family’s favorite meal is sushi, as well as sashimi and vegetable tempura.

The First Lady revealed the family’s exotic tastes during an interview with ChopChop Magazine  to mark the fifth anniversary of her “Let’s Move!” campaign.

“I think as a unit, we all pretty much love sushi, sashimi, tempura, vegetable tempuras — things like that,” she explained. “That’s something that all four of us agree on. The girls love sushi, and the President and I — the President grew up in Hawaii, so he grew up eating sashimi and lots of fresh fish.”

Michelle Obama admitted that, although she and the girls were fans of macaroni and cheese, the president was not a fan.

“You know what, the President doesn’t like macaroni and cheese, and we all think he’s crazy,” she said referring to the rest of the family.

Of course, boxed macaroni and cheese is forbidden in her household, as she explained in an interview earlier this month.

Growing up, she said her mom’s macaroni and cheese was her favorite food. “When I found out she was cooking macaroni and cheese, I was so happy,” she explained. “It was the best day.”

Michelle Obama admitted that she was a “picky eater” when she was a child.

“One thing that I really didn’t like was breakfast foods, if you can imagine, and it would drive my mother crazy,” she said. “I didn’t like eggs, bacon — I didn’t even like pancakes and waffles.”

Instead, she admitted, she only ate peanut butter and jelly every morning.

“You know what I ate for breakfast every day until I went to college?” she asked. “Peanut butter and jelly.”