Mexican Consulates Working Overtime to Issue IDs, Documents


The Mexican consulate in Atlanta has been working overtime since a federal judge issued an injunction against President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty last week to provide Mexican nationals documents and consulate-issued identification cards.

According to a Global Atlanta report, “Mexican Consul General Ricardo Camara Sanchez urged the Mexican community to apply for consulate-issued identification documents known as matricula consular” and asked other immigrant communities to  start gathering documentation as well. Sanchez reportedly “said the Mexican consulate processes 500 applications per day and is beefing up its mobile operations and adding a weekend and night shift to handle even more.”

The ID cards “have no U.S. legal status, but they can be used to open bank accounts” in some jurisdictions and “apply for loans in lieu of state-issued IDs or national passports.”

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed (D) predicted that the injunction would be overturned and David Lubell, the executive director of the Welcoming America coalition, reportedly told a gathering this weekend at the Latin American Association that, “administrative relief from the president is coming, and when (it) does come, Atlanta is going to be ready.”

The Obama administration will seek a stay of Judge Andrew Hanen’s decision on Monday, and the Mexican government has already been allowing illegal immigrants to get birth certificates at Mexican consulates across the country to make it easier for them to apply for Obama’s executive amnesty.