Obama Trashes Republicans Right Before St. Patrick’s Day Lunch With Speaker Boehner

Barack Obama, Enda Kenny
The Associated Press

On St. Patrick’s Day, politicians in Washington D.C. sometimes tone down the political rhetoric, but sometimes they use the holiday to trash their opponents. President Obama took the latter path today.

Minutes before the president traveled to Capitol Hill for a St. Patrick’s Day luncheon with House Speaker John Bohener, he spoke to reporters in the Oval Office and criticized the budget released by Republicans this morning.

“I should mention that I was hoping for a little luck of the Irish as the Republicans put forward their budget today,” he said, after meeting with Irish Prime Minister Taoiseach Enda Kenny. Obama criticized the Republican plan, saying it failed to increase spending in specific areas that he wanted.

“It’s not a budget that reflects the future,” he added. “It’s not a budget that reflects growth.”

Obama pointed out that Republicans and Democrats would have to compromise to pass final legislation to fund the government, but called for more spending on his priorities.

“I’ll keep my four leaf clover in my pocket and see if the Speaker and Mitch McConnell and others are interested in having that conversation,” he added.

After his remarks, the president left the White House for his motorcade to take him to Capitol Hill for the luncheon.