Money Talks: Intense Competition in GOP ‘Invisible’ Primary


From the Huffington Post:

The 2016 presidential election’s “invisible primary” is in full swing as Republican candidates tour the country looking to secure donors for their real or potential campaigns and their super PACs.

“They’re all beating the bush as you’d expect,” said David Herro, a wealthy Chicago-based investor who has contributed $1.5 million to Republican super PACs since 2010.

It’s “way too early” to pick a candidate, according to Herro, but he does know which ones he won’t be backing. “I certainly don’t want any of these extreme people,” Herro said, listing Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who announced his presidential run on Monday, and former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.).

While Herro may not have chosen a candidate yet, many other big-time donors to Republican presidential aspirants have. Though only limited details on those donors have leaked, the GOP primary campaign is already shaping up to be a clash between distinct groups of billionaires and millionaires.

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