Chris Christie, Rand Paul Not Invited to Address NRA Forum in Nashville

Rand Paul
The Associated Press

The April 10th Leadership Forum at the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits will include several possible 2016 GOP Presidential nominee contenders, but not New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) or Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY).

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) will be there, as will former and current Republican Governors Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, Mike Huckabee, and Jeb Bush. Former Senator Rick Santorum and billionaire Donald Trump will be there as well.

According to The Tennessean, the NRA simply could not invite every possible candidate so they had to pick and choose.

NRA-ILA’s Jennifer Baker said:

We really have a lengthy program and we have the longest list of potential presidential candidates to speak at the Leadership Forum this go-around, and we just could not accommodate everyone.

Baker also pointed out that some of the forum speakers approached the NRA to seek the chance, but Paul did not.

On March 29, Breitbart News reported that Christie was one of two GOP presidential hopefuls that does not own a gun.

On March 25, Breitbart News reported Christie saying he would “appropriately” respect “the rights of law-abiding citizens to be able to protect themselves” if voters gave him “a Republican legislature.”

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