Tom Steyer to Take on Climate Change ‘Deniers,’ Rand Paul Is First Target

AP Photos
AP Photos
Washington, DC

Billionaire Democrat Tom Steyer will reportedly send protesters to the Stand with Rand event Tuesday in Kentucky, Fox News reports.

Steyer says Rand Paul is dangerous to America, because he is a climate change denier.

The Huffington Post reported that Steyer’s climate change advocate group, NextGen Climate, will try to discredit Republican candidates.

NextGen Climate strategist Chris Lehane told reporters the group wants to “disqualify” candidates that deny climate change is real or that also deny humans cause climate change.

The effort, called Hot Seat, will incorporate media coverage and on-the-ground protests in key states to undermine Republicans who deny climate change.

“If you’re in a position that is different from 97 percent of scientists, that does raise basic competency questions in terms of whether people are going to want to give you the keys to the White House,” Lehane touted.

He said the group’s first target will be Rand Paul.