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Confusion Reigns As World’s Biggest Climate Conference Draws Near

Organisers of the UN-sponsored Cop21 climate conference in Paris have less than a month left to prepare for an event they confidently claim will produce a new roadmap to stop “catastrophic global warming”. They must welcome tens of thousands of participants to


Go Home: New Zealand Rejects Failed ‘Climate Change’ Refugee

A man from the tiny South Pacific island nation of Kiribati will be deported from New Zealand after the government refused to let him stay after his ‘climate’ refugee claim was rejected. Ioane Teitoa appealed to Associate Immigration Minister Craig Foss


UPDATE: Terror Concerns As Climate Loons Block Heathrow Runway, Flights Delayed

Security concerns have been raised as climate change activists from direct action group ‘Plane Stupid‘ caused delays and cancellations at Heathrow, Europe’s busiest passenger airport, after breaching the perimeter fence, invading the north runway and locking themselves together in protest at the airport’s possible


Following the Right Scent on Climate

Healthy, effective scientific research requires the participation of trained people with many takes on a subject. Trying to eradicate the participation of those who do not share one politically approved view on climate has been a profitable political tactic, but it is completely destructive for science, which has been seriously damaged by climate activism.

AP Photo/Seth Wenig