Marco Rubio’s Biggest Challenge

AP Photo

It’s official: Senator Marco Rubio is running for president.

We knew all along that he was running, as several close amigos and confidants had already let the political gato (cat in Espanol) out of the bag.

But as Jeb Bush has been sucking up all the low-lying GOP dollars, grassroots activists’ support of Rubio over Jeb Bush is overwhelming. No one, except for establishment GOP types and loyalists, want Bush to be the Republican presidential nominee.

The two men will essentially be vying for donations and support from the same base.

Rubio’s biggest challenge nationwide will most likely come from another grassroots favorite, Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Rubio has joined his fellow “wacko birds,” Cruz and Senator Rand Paul, as the only announced Republican presidential candidates thus far.

Yes, even though Senator John McCain did not call Rubio a “wacko bird,” Florida’s junior senator is part of the Senate “wacko bird” squadron. Aside from immigration reform, Rubio has been completely in-line with Cruz on all the issues, including his epic Senate floor filibuster, where Rubio lent Cruz some much-needed relief during his epic 21-hour address.

The GOP has a very deep presidential bench. This 2016 Republican presidential primary will be like no other previous contest.