Jeb Bush Refuses to Pile on Criticism of Clinton Foreign Donation Scandal

Gage Skidmore / Flickr
Gage Skidmore / Flickr
New York, NY

Despite the bipartisan criticism of the Clintons’ latest foreign donations-for-favors scandal that has brought serious consideration from media of all stripes, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush refused to jump into the fray to question the Clintons over the controversy.

Speaking at an event sponsored by the Manhattan GOP, Bush demurred from speaking too harshly about Clinton’s latest scandal.

The serious questions swirling around the Clintons and their foundation have been brought to light by a new book by Peter Schweizer entitled Clinton Cash. The book raises questions about the possible favors Clinton may have given to foreign nations in exchange for hundreds of millions in donations. Some of the alleged favors were given while Hillary was Secretary of State.

The charges are being seriously investigated by several mainstream media outfits and are being given sober treatment by media outlets across the ideological spectrum.

About all Bush would say about the growing controversy is that Clinton is “going to have to be held accountable, like all of us, about dealings.” He added, “That’s part of the process, right?”

The one-time Florida Governor continued saying, “I don’t ‘go off’ on Hillary Clinton.” This because he feels “there’s lots of time to be able to get into a partisan kind of argument,” and he would prefer to spend his time defining himself and his own issues at this point in the campaign.

Bush also took the time to further distance himself from the anti-Israel comments made by his close advisor, former Secretary of State James Baker.

Calling Baker a “statesman,” Bush nonetheless said that he is too old to be part of his team.

“If I could learn from them, I will, but my team will be a team that will be obviously young and dynamic and forward-leaning,” Bush insisted.

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