Valerie Jarrett: Obama Helped Bend Arc Of Moral Universe On Gay Marriage

Newsweek Obama Gay Halo Cover May 2012
Newsweek May 2012

White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett is praising President Obama for helping “accelerate” the cause of gay marriage, and she marvels at the speed of the cultural change that swept the nation.

Jarrett spoke during a reception for the plaintiffs of the Supreme Court Case hosted by the group Freedom to Marry.

“The arc of the moral universe bent a little faster than even we thought it would,” Jarrett said to a Buzzfeed reporter who attended the reception.

Jarrett delivered a speech at the reception, thanking everyone who fought to bring the case before the Supreme Court and recognizing the historic nature of their struggle.

“We have to win this case tomorrow,” Jarrett said, revealing that she planned to attend the Supreme Court hearings. “The world will be watching tomorrow.”

Jarrett also spoke to a Huffington Post reporter after her speech, appearing optimistic that the court would rule in favor of gay marriage.

“We feel very strongly the law is on our side, and so we’re hopeful that the court will follow the law,” she said.