LISTEN to Hillary Campaign Communications Dir. Sputter on Clinton Cash

Jennifer Palmieri

The Clinton Cash bombshell revelations continue to rock the Hillary Clinton campaign and have sent the former Sec. of State’s campaign communications apparatus into a tailspin.

Case in point: Hillary Clinton Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri’s sputtering, 1 minute 25 second response to a question about the Clinton Foundation on WNYC’s The Brian Lehrer Show that featured 21 “ums/uhs,” bordering on incoherence.

When the host asked whether the Clinton Foundation would reinstitute the ban on foreign government donations for the rest of the campaign, Palmieri offered the following rambling response:

h/t to the Washington Free Beacon

Uh, what the Foundation has instituted is that they are not accepting, um, any new um, uh, any new money from uh, uh, foreign governments, uh, that are not already, um, that are not already supporting six of the programs and, uh, that the Clinton Foundation does.  So they’re not, so that is, uh, uh, which is similar to the steps she took when she was Sec. of State. Uh, you know, these are programs that do life-saving work. And the Clinton Foundation is happy to, they understand that there is a lot of interest, uh, reasonably and legitimately so, and how they’re funded, particularly given that she’s a candidate. So, uh, they do disclose all their donors. They are not required to do that. They have also said that since she’ became a candidate they will disclose quarterly so that uh, uh, so people have more readily available information on it. And, um, you know they have identified the six governments that have been funding existing programs and will continue to do that but they’re not going to take new ones. So I think that strikes an appropriate balance between what people should, uh, uh, to, you know, uh, have a right to know. About how, uh, how the Foundation is operating, given that she’s a candidate. But continue to let the Foundation continue to do the really good work that it is doing. And we want to strike that balance and not hinder, unduly hinder their ability to continue to operate.

For those counting, that was 21 “ums/uhs” in less than a minute-and-a-half.

Moreover, Palmieri’s statement that the Clinton Foundation was “not required” to disclose donors is false. Hillary Clinton signed the critical Memorandum of Understanding with the Obama administration which required that she publicly disclose all donations, including the millions of dollars in foreign donations Hillary hid as part of her decision to transfer half of U.S. uranium output to the Russian government while bagging $145 million from investors in the uranium deal.

Palmieri also notes that the Clinton Foundation says it will continue to accept foreign donations from six governments. One of those governments: Canada, home to mega Clinton donor Frank Giustra and Ian Telfer, the former head of the Russian uranium company Hillary greenlit to overtake half of U.S. uranium output, detailed in both the New York Times and the forthcoming book, Clinton Cash.