Where Do Trans-Girls Pee is the Question Roiling School Boards

AP/Toby Talbot

Where do boys pee when they think they’re girls? What about girls who think they’re boys? What about those who aren’t sure? Where do they pee? This is an issue that is roiling school boards, local communities and state legislatures across the country.

Boys who think they’re girls are called “trans-girls.” Girls who think they’re boys, a much rarer phenomenon, are called “trans-boys.” If you accept your boyness and girlness from birth you are now called “cis,” as in “cisgender.” Only a tiny fraction of the population is anything other than “cisgender” yet it is this tiny “trans” fraction that is changing the bathroom landscape in grade schools, middle schools and high schools around the country.

With only one dissenting vote out of 11, the school board in Fairfax County, Virginia voted this week to include transgender students in a category of nondiscrimination. It did this without consulting parents, and the result will be that trans-girls, that is, boys in dresses but with penises, will be in the stall next to real girls.

Much of this is now coming after pressure from the Obama administration. It determined at the end of last year that “transgender” youth are protected categories under Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972.

Nevada was the scene of an ongoing skirmish on where to pee. Legislators in April tried to pass a bill that would have required students to use the bathroom that corresponds to their biological sex at birth. This was defeated 22-20 when five Republicans deserted to the Democrat side.

This week a bill supported by Governor Brian Sandoval of Nevada “was rushed to a vote,” according to opponents. They say it was initiated as an “anti-bullying bill but that a closer read of the bill reveals that all K-12 public school bathrooms will be open to members of the opposite sex.”

Parents are getting organized around the country to fight for their kids’s right to privacy in the bathroom, away from the gaze of the opposite sex. In California parents are trying to put an initiative on the ballot that would ensure only biological males can use the boy’s room and only biological girls may use the girl’s room.

It is all but certain that pro-transsexual school board members will be challenged in upcoming elections.

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