Iowa State Patrol Launching Criminal Investigation of Bomb Threat at Roast and Ride

Breitbart reporter photo
Washington, DC

Sergeant Ludwig with the Iowa State Patrol says authorities are digging into bomb threats made Saturday in Polk County and Boone County during Sen. Joni Ernst’s (R-IA) Roast and Ride event, where seven GOP presidential candidates delivered speeches.

“There is an investigation going on with that,” Ludwig tells Breitbart News, adding that it is a criminal investigation.

When asked if any federal agencies are currently involved with the investigation, he said “not as of yet.”

He said the Iowa State Patrol is still working with its joint terrorism task force, and the investigation is mostly state and local right now.

He couldn’t determine whether or not one caller was an Islamic extremist, adding that it was an automated internet call; however, the other was a voice call, but he did not have any more information on that caller.

Breitbart News originally reported Saturday on the bomb threat that led to the presidential candidates being pulled from the event and placed into a secured area for a time. The event later went ahead.