Home Care Nurse Goes Psycho, Strips, Attacks Patient


Police in Palm Bay, Florida reported that a home health care nurse was taken into custody after shedding her uniform and attacking a patient while she was completely naked. Someone at the home alerted police on Sunday around 2 p.m., prompting them to respond.

Lt. Greg Latulippe of the Palm Bay Police Department said, “It was in the patient’s home. The patient was also battered. The whole thing is unusual. We’re also looking at charges. The nurse apparently decided to take off her clothes and not act normally. The officers managed to convince her to be handcuffed. She is now in protective custody and was taken in for an evaluation.”

WKMG reported that the nurse saw the patient several times a week. During the attack, she slapped and kicked the patient.

Latulippe said police claim have no idea what precipitated the incident; the patient’s condition was not made public. The nurse is under observation.