Huckabee To U.S. Senate: Time To Kill Obamatrade Is Now

Washington, DC

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, a 2016 GOP presidential candidate and one of the loudest opponents of handing President Barack Obama Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) to fast-track at least three secretive trade deals, is calling for the U.S. Senate to take it down now.

“The U.S. Senate has a historic opportunity to fight for America’s workers when ObamaTrade comes to the floor for a vote today,” Huckabee said in a statement provided to Breitbart News.

China has done enough cheating, and America’s workers can’t afford an ObamaTrade agreement that lets Asia outfox President Obama even more. Obama can’t be trusted to negotiate a deal on a secondhand surfboard or a flea market fishing pole–let alone a multi-trillion dollar trade deal with Asia that could devastate communities and destroy jobs.

If ObamaTrade is so good for American workers, why did Congress add a multi-billion dollar ‘displacement and retraining’ program in the bill to help everyone who will lose their job when it passes?  With so many unanswered questions, it’s irresponsible for Congress to blindly hand-over the keys to this Administration.  From Delaware to Des Moines, California to the Carolinas, a huge majority of the American people are speaking out against this bill and Washington better be listening.

It’s unclear what will happen with the vote on Tuesday, but with leadership losing the support of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)—who voted for TPA last time in the Senate after being one of the loudest supporters of it before, but now coming out strongly against it—the vote is tinkering on the edge of failing or passing. One top Democratic aide told Breitbart News it’s unclear what will happen, whether it’ll pass or fail. Others on the Republican side say they’re not sure either.

The vote is expected to begin around 11 a.m.