Fiscal Times: Pope Francis’ Climate Justice Drive Could Destroy America’s Economy

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The Associated Press

From Liz Peek writing at The Fiscal Times:

Liberals are positively giddy that Pope Francis has joined their crusade against fossil fuels. They are probably disappointed that he didn’t blast the Koch Brothers, too, in his widely heralded encyclical.

“Laudato Si,” translated as “Praise be to You: On Care for our Common Home” is a mostly hard-left document that argues for redistribution of wealth on a global scale, champions increased supra-national authority, derides market-based solutions and – yes – promotes efforts (though not the most popular ones) to curb global warming.

Its timing is not an accident. As the nations of the world head to Paris for a conference on climate change this December, President Obama will demand that Americans grant him authority to compromise our growth by setting ever-tougher emissions standards.

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