Illinois Special Election Heats Up as Mike Flynn Challenges Lahood’s Economic Ties

AP Photo/John O’Connor
AP Photo/John O’Connor

From the Illinois Review:

Although early voting has already commenced in the 18th CD’s special election GOP primary to replace resigned Congressman Aaron Schock, the campaign isn’t over. Michael Flynn launched a new attack of “crony capitalism” on State Senator Darin LaHood (R-Dunlap) this week.

Flynn’s campaign points to a vote LaHood made in the Illinois Senate on May 30, 2012, that established in East Peoria a new “Tax Increment District III.” The law required the city hire to lawyers who would confirm each year that the city was in full compliance. This was the third such zone established by the city. LaHood is an associate of the law firm East Peoria employs – Miller, Hall, & Triggs.

“Republican state senator Darin LaHood helped to perpetuate a cycle of crony capitalism and donor back-scratching by voting for a bill that benefited both his law firm and campaign donors at taxpayers’ expense, according to a study of his votes, law firm payments, and campaign contributions,” Flynn spokesperson Liz Mair wrote in a statement Monday.

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