Alan Dershowitz Responds to Obama’s Failed Nuclear Deal with Iran

Rouhani and President Obama
New York, NY

On Tuesday, President Obama proclaimed victory with his announcement of a nuclear deal with the Mullahs in Iran, saying that he has now made sure that Iran cannot make a nuclear bomb. Jurist, author, and political commentator Alan Dershowitz, though, is thoroughly skeptical that Obama’s deal is anything like a victory.

To little acclaim but with much bluster, Obama announced his deal with Iran. During his announcement, Obama insisted that this deal would somehow make sure Iran can never make a nuclear bomb, even though there are few avenues in the treaty to stop such an eventuality.

There is little by way of inspections forced on Iran, and the time lag between the suspicion that they are working on a nuclear bomb and actually doing anything about it virtually assures the nation will try to develop a bomb.

For his part, Alan Dershowitz seems to find this treaty to be little else but a joke. Here is what the famed lawyer said immediately after Obama’s announcement:

Congress must examine the details with great care to see whether it is indeed a role of the dice, as the NY Times called it this morning. The last time we rolled the dice with North Korea , they came up snake eyes and North Korea now has a nuclear arsenal. The world can’t afford the risk of another dice roll.

Dershowitz isn’t alone in scoffing at this deal.

In a rare example of unity, both the Arabs and the Israelis are criticizing this deal as dangerous and useless.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the deal a “stunning historic mistake.”

Even Donald Trump got into the game, asking why Obama didn’t demand the release of the four Americans that the Iranians are holding hostage as a condition of the deal. Trump also noted that the Iranians can’t be trusted not to cheat, and this deal doesn’t do a thing to prevent the Iranians from cheating.

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