Bloomberg’s Everytown Launches Gun Control Push in Wake of Chattanooga

Bloomberg talks to reporters after meeting with Obama and business and civic leaders for an event to discuss his "My Brother's Keeper" initiative at the White House in Washington

Michael Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety has launched a “six-figure ad buy” to push for more gun control in the wake of alleged gunman Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez’s attack on Marines and sailors in Chattanooga.

Everytown’s push relates to background checks and comes days after the FBI confirmed that Abdulazeez passed a background for at least some of his guns.

But Everytown is working backward; they are still trying to say the FBI’s “mistake” allowing Dylann Roof to get a gun in Charleston was not a mistake at all. Rather, they contend it was a “loophole” that Congress needs to address.

To that end, Politico reports that Everytown’s ad campaign is in support of legislation like that put forth by Representative Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.-6th). His bill would change current law so that even in cases where the FBI extends an instant background check to three business days, the retailer would be barred from selling the gun to the purchaser if the records search is inconclusive.

In theory, the background check could then be extended indefinitely and the retailer could only sell a gun to the purchaser when–or if–the records search was completed. This puts the onus on the citizen to prove why he or she should be allowed to exercise the right to keep and bear arms, rather than on the government, which should be forced to demonstrate why that right has been forfeited.

Clyburn’s bill would not have stopped alleged killer Abdulezeez from taking the lives of four Marines and a sailor on July 16.

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