White House: Ted Cruz Is ’Pro-War’ Because He Opposes Iran Nuclear Deal

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) waits to speak at a rally in Lafayette Square July 23, 2015 in Washington, DC. The rally, organized by the Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee, was held to protest the recent nuclear deal reached between the United States and Iran but …
Win McNamee/Getty Images
Washington, D.C.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest dismissed a Concerned Women For America rally opposing the Iran nuclear deal outside the White House House as a “pro-war rally.”

“I was aware that Sen. Cruz was planning a pro-war rally in front of the White House today,” Josh Earnest said when asked by reporters about the White House reaction to the rally.

Cruz and members of the rally suggested that the Iran Nuclear Deal was a sign of weakness as Americans still remained unjustly detained by Iran after a deal was reached.

When questioned about his characterization of the rally as “pro-war” Earnest declined to clarify.

“I think that pretty much says it all,” he said.

During the protest, Cruz warned that the nuclear deal with Iran would allow them to funnel millions of dollars to fund terrorist groups who wanted to kill Americans.

He reminded reporters that one Republican running was “prepared to carry out a military strike against Iran on Inauguration Day” should he win the presidency.

“I haven’t heard Sen. Cruz’s position on this, maybe he disagrees with that, but he’s welcome to say so,” Earnest concluded.

UPDATE: 5:15 —

The Cruz campaign responded to Earnest with the following statement:

We realize it’s inconvenient for the White House to defend the terrible deal they have struck – the truth is that President Obama’s capitulation to the ayatollahs in Iran will send billions of American dollars to that country and effectively help build the very nuclear weapon that the administration foolishly claims this deal will prevent,” Cruz National Press Secretary Catherine Frazier said. “This president’s stubborn refusal to acknowledge the real threats we face – specifically the radical Islamic terrorism that Iran openly promotes – continues to make America and the rest of the world a more dangerous place.