READ: Bizarre Emails Lafayette Shooter Sent to Tea Party Leader

John Russel Houser
Lafayette Police Department via AP

As Breitbart News reported exclusively, Christina Botteri, one of the original organizers of the Tea Party rallies in 2009, co-founder of the National Tea Party Federation, and that group’s volunteer media contact, exchanged emails and spoke on the phone with John Russell “Rusty” Houser, the man that police say was the shooter in the Lafayette movie theater killing.

Here are the complete versions of Houser’s emails to Botteri.

On Fri, Sep 6, 2013 at 2:18 PM, Rusty Houser <****> wrote:

I enjoyed our conversation. It is my desire to convey to you the unbridled power of being in the right. Should you master this, with your well rounded personality, you would be a female Ronald Reagan. Put another way, within yourself love and power could work together, with you failing only to take credit or recognize within yourself that your role was significant.

On Sun, Sep 8, 2013 at 9:57 PM, Rusty Houser <****> wrote:


Let me apologize in advance for being a fool who assumes excessively everyday in every way.It is the hallmark of my bent personality, and it is a diagnosed personality disorder.At the same time you need to know that at times in my life there have been associations with people of greatness and that it has never in any way affected my ability to do anything you are communicating with a weirdo you will completely understand.I have seen a psychiatrist for a total of less than 4 hours in my life, only because I could never see myself adopting normal behavior at the risk of giving up the panoramic view I am going to share with you.

Today I write, as opposed to calling, so that you may have a reference guide for your continued consideration, and that you may do such at your leisure on this first subject.The subject being : What effects of liberalism are literally destroying the US?

The script from here out will be  lacking in organization, and replete with errors of spelling etc, however there will be no errors of fact or any type which would cause you to misunderstand the points being made.

Liberals are people who are either brainwashed {define their reality by what they perceive from authority figures without application of an independant reasoning process], or have a desire to further foolishness because of a preconception that such is necessary to balance the wrongs done by a society attempting to make all members accountable for the good of the whole.

Financial foolishness will bring the end of the US.

No one may deny that this country is in the middle of a financial crisis except a fool.

“”    “”                   ”     local, state, and the federal gov’ts are throwing away money  faster since this crisis began.

“”      ”                   ”     the current all powerful political alliance is 90% made up of 3 factions 1] the media 2] the Black block vote 3]the  Chamber of Commerce/organized business.

None may deny that the Alliance of Fools{AOF} has in fact openly encouraged a continuance of foolish spending on a personal level since the crisis began media constantly saying “holiday spending was up this year etc etc  BIG SMILES”, every day of the year, every type of encouragement

The AOF is well aware that there are MILLIONS of people collecting disability,  an average in excess of $3,000 per month, from the gov’t that are perfectly capable of working. A person who has a foot amputated due to  military service is eligible for full disability.They should recieve something,but after a stipulated payment should work in a job not on their feet.

Millions more collecting welfare with free cell phone,healthcare,etc who simply have no reason to work.

I could go on for months.

What does this mean? It means that this society is the equivalent of a child that inherits much and does not bother to keep spending in order dictated by “how much”. That child has some harsh lessons ahead.A longtime friend of mine has been doing handyman work for the last 3 years. At all times prior in his life he was in the lap of luxury.He is 55.

If this plays out as it appears it will, you need to know that the crash will be followed by an era not seen in modern times. This is because the money that has been and is being wasted now is the hard earned savings of those who went before us and those who still pay their own way today.

Would it be like the crash of 1929? Not even close.Those people did not operate in a time of crisis as fools,and they had families built on moral fiber who understood hard work.

Essentially the US will completely  cease to exist.It will be a scenario as would exist just prior to the one presented in Mad Max movies.

We don’t need to study statistical data to be certain how these people of no character will go forward the minute they don’t get their benefits.This group is to include those who got their job by way of affirmative action.

It will literally be dog eat dog and any semblance of a society will be something of a scholastic consideration.

ALL WILL BE IN CHAOS because the military,the police,and all will turn their attention to survival as individuals the minute cell phones go out. Panic will be en mass.

This drastic picture I paint is perfectly matched in magnitude to the degree of stupidity being exercised by those in control of our society,the AOF.

There are non-monetary factors as well.Freedom of speech is no more.When is the last time you heard some one on television, in the newspaper, etc saying they will not hire homos/transvestites/or any other type of sexual deviant? Speak of the crime and ineffectiveness of affirmative action as did Ronald Reagan on many occasions?Touch on Black crime statistics,or any other statistical evidence by race{the good shows the bad]?

The court system, the jails/prisons, etc……….etc……are overloaded trying to make sure those in selected groups get their rights to a perverted extent while millions are spent prosecuting cases called correctly at the scene of the incidentpolice at the scene said Zimmerman had committed no crime.

I am not saying how any issue should be presented, but I do believe that it is necessary to know the state of affairs in order to strike an evil opponent with the leverage to bring them down.Bringing down an opponent requires precision.That precision is found in the area targeted,the method of the strike,the angle of the strike, timing, and other things the most important of which is the demeanor  of the person making the strike.This demeanor is largely determined by the sincere belief that the opponent has no respectable intentions.

Physical fighting and political fighting have much in common.The demeanor tells an opponent of one’s  expectation of future events,or the lack thereof.Example: Someone in a drinking establishment gets out of line and states carelessly “would you like your butt  beat”. The opponent replies with a smile “let’s step outside and talk about it”. The respondent has said much, and most importantly conveyed that they are prepared for foolishness.

In the movie The Godfather Part ll Al Pacino leaves a theater and large crowds have gathered in the street since he went in{the start of the Cuban revolution was being portrayed], he sees a guy in the crowd do something that indicates his life is expendable and says to his driver “these people can win”. The driver says in surprise “what”?. Pacino states “if they are willing to die, they can win”

There is a profoundness to this statement. If you are not absolutely certain of the evil in your opponent, your timingthe relaxation  by which you deal the blow, the severeityvelosity, the targetwithin the target, etc will be diminished. Put another way, one delivering a strike needs to have predetermined that the more they deliver, the better .

If you live in a house where evil remains in only one room,and only evil is within, you need not be a good shot to be highly successful in combat, simply put the gun inside the door and pull the trigger. Whatever you hit strikes a note for good.

Take time to digest this and feel free to call on any point,at any time.

On Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 10:33 AM, Rusty Houser <****> wrote:

short answer to what tparty should be making issues of

1] specific local  foolish expendatures magnified by the fact that they were made since the financial crisis began

this should be an orgy as the opportunities are innumeraable and therefore the selected items spectacular

just the area I live in would supply fuel aplenty

2] where financial foolishness exist there is also immorality,so select the immoral behavior indefensible even under liberal parameters

no shortage here either

example: I live in a 2 city area separated only by the river,these cities are also in different states, yet both cities have spent millioms of dollars lining their downtown streets with bricks and granite  SINCE THE FINANCIAL CRISIS BEGAN!

both have torn down many good buildings and replaced them with “image builders”

etc etc………………………….

On Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 7:06 AM, Rusty Houser <****> wrote:

have not heard from you

if the first letter shook you just consider the second

From: Rusty Houser <****>

Date: Sat, Oct 5, 2013 at 2:30 PM

Subject: Re: t policy

To: Christina Kbo

The Tea Party should be making an incredible racket right now with a simple message CLOSE LOCAL GOV’T TOO

As i told you before, I live in a two city, two state location. Both have spent even faster and even more foolish since 08

No hope unless the tpty is revived

From: Rusty Houser <****>

Date: Wed, Nov 13, 2013 at 6:07 AM

Subject: the foundation

To: Christina Kbo

Why would it be good for JCP/KMART/SEARS/RSH retail to close and vacate the premises occupied aside from their ceasing to be viable?

The average person 95% of all must be hit over the head and have a simply worded placard thrust in their direct path before undertaking the slightest independent consideration.

The large caverns created in bobo’s modern day pyramid by such closings would generate base considerations in the minds of the masses:

Are rough times ahead?

Should I be cutting back on discretionary spending?……………..

…………………………………………….Is it possible that the US could be placed in an economic position necessitating it’s people pull together lockstep fashion merely for survival?…………………….Is the percentage of those who predictably will not contribute too high for hope of success ALL-TIME GIMMIE ?

end of letter to the editor

This economy is based on going wide -ass open.If people begin acting with any common sense what-so-ever, it is closing time on a national basis.

There is nothing racist,vulgar,insane,unquestionably indefensible…..etc………that should prevent the publication of this letter,yet eight versions over as many years have been refused consistently by several newspapers/periodicals ie free speech is dead.

I could go on listing the Japan-tsunami sized reasons the US in no way resembles what it was when it was viable.