Epic Gawker Fail: Liberal Media Troublemakers Give Out Wrong Cell Phone Number for Donald Trump

cell phone
Stephen B. Morton/AP
Washington, DC

In an attempt to strike back at billionaire real estate magnate and 2016 GOP frontrunner Donald Trump ahead of the upcoming debate this week in Cleveland, liberal media troublemakers at Gawker published what they purported to be Trump’s cell phone number.

“Last month, American reality show entertainer turned American political system entertainer Donald Trump publicized presidential rival Sen. Lindsey Graham’s cell number, urging his supporters to ‘try it,’” Gawker’s Sam Biddle wrote on Monday afternoon. “In the spirit of open and fair political debate, we now bring you Trump’s number.”

Gawker’s Biddle continued:

After sharing Graham’s digits at a campaign rally—he held it up printed on a large note card for all to see and read the number aloud—Trump joked ‘you know he won’t fix anything, but at least he’ll talk to you.’ Graham responded by comically destroying his compromised cell phone on video. Since Trump, in his considered political judgment, has decided that opening up a direct, personal channel of communications between his supporters and his primary opponents is a noble campaign tactic, we think it’s only fair and right that Republican primary voters be able to reach out to Trump himself. If it is the case—as Trump’s release of Graham’s number implicitly argues—that our political discourse improves when voters can ring up candidates on their private cell phones, then we are happy to add Trump’s cell phone number to the body of public knowledge. You can reach Donald Trump at [deleted].

The number they published at Gawker, however,  complete with a fancy graphic touting that they had something special is an old number Trump no longer uses, a Trump campaign spokesperson confirmed to Breitbart News. The epic fail by Gawker has actually had, Trump’s team confirms, exactly zero impact on Trump’s day as a presidential candidate and businessman.

“It’s a very old number,” the Trump spokesperson said in an email. “This is not one he uses. Mr. Trump has several numbers so he has not experienced any issues.”

That still didn’t stop Gawker from trying, but ever so miserably failing, to poke fun at Trump as if they had taken something special away from him.  Biddle wrote:

He has some pressing questions to answer. Does he still think Mexicans are out to rape you? Speaking of rape, does he think it’s possible to rape your own wife? Just how much did he exaggerate his net worth to hit the $10 billion figure? What about breast milk does he find so disgusting? Which cabinet position would he give Sarah Palin? Interesting topics, all. It appears that he’s got an aide picking up for him at least some of the time, so if you hear an unfamiliar voice just be sure to ask for Mr. Trump.

Maybe they should have checked to make sure they had it down right before they did this. They got close: It is a number Trump used to use. But no cigar.