Iran Deal: California Democrat Hits Back at Obama


Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) officially announced Friday that he would oppose the Iran deal, and hit back at President Barack Obama for lumping critics of the Iran deal with supporters of the Iraq war.

“The President reminds us that many prominent critics of the Agreement supported the invasion of Iraq,” Sherman said in an addendum to his official statement. “It should be noted that many supporters of the Agreement also supported the invasion of Iraq, including: Vice President Biden, Secretary Kerry and Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.”

Sherman recently told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview that the Iran deal meant “terrorism with impunity,” and said that his “goal is to make sure all Americans know this is not morally or legally binding on the U.S. and the world, because I see how ugly this deal is in the next decade.”

In Friday’s press release, Sherman expanded upon the theme of legality:

Under International Law and the U.S. Constitution, the Agreement is a mere ‘executive political agreement’ and is not binding on America, Europe or Iran. However, if the Agreement was not only signed by the President, but also supported by Congress, it may appear binding.  Appearances matter.  In future years, many would argue as long as Iran appears to be complying with the Agreement, America cannot insist on modifications or extensions of nuclear restrictions.  A strong Congressional vote against the Agreement is the best way to make it clear that the Agreement is not binding on Congress, the American people or future administrations.”

Other Iraq war opponents who oppose the Iran deal include Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz, who criticized President Obama on Wednesday for launching personal attacks in his speech arguing for the agreement.

“These types of ad hominem arguments are becoming less and less convincing as more Democratic members of Congress, more liberal supporters of the President, more nuclear experts and more foreign policy gurus are expressing deep concern about, and sometimes strong opposition to, the deal that is currently before Congress,” Dershowitz wrote.

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