‘Save a Life, Kill a Cop’ Message Painted on Truck in Nashville

Nashville, TN

On Wednesday, a venomous message aimed at police was discovered painted on a vacant tractor-trailer in West Nashville.

A tractor-trailer parked at 33rd Ave. and Charlotte Ave. was defaced with the message, “Save a life,” painted on its side in black, and “Kill a Cop,” painted in red beneath it. An elementary school is located in the neighborhood.

The message was reported to police at roughly 7:30 a.m. by Rachel Tidwell, a woman whose job is close to the site.

Don Aaron, of the Nashville Police Department, stated, “We are gratified in knowing that the overwhelming majority of Nashvillians share in [our] shock and sadness. We are working to identify the person or persons responsible for the vandalism.”

The owner of the property where the tractor-trailer was located said the message wasn’t there Tuesday night. He said he uses the trailer for storage, according to KPHO. He immediately hired a painter to blot out the message.