Former Obama Strategist Joins Effort To Recruit Joe Biden for 2016

joe Biden

One of President Obama’s campaign strategists has joined a committee working to draft Vice President Joe Biden to run in 2016, according to NBC News reporter Mark Murray.

Steve Schale, a Florida strategist for both of Obama’s presidential campaigns has joined the effort as Biden currently weighs an electoral bid while on vacation.

A new Quinnipiac poll of swing states shows that Biden’s favorability is still high at 44 percent in Florida, 45 percent in Ohio, and 43 percent in Pennsylvania.

Hillary Clinton’s favorability numbers in Florida are 37 percent, 36 percent in Ohio, and 38 percent in Pennsylvania.

Clinton, however, still beats Biden handily in a Democratic primary match up with 48 percent support in Florida, 47 percent in Ohio, and 45 percent in Pennsylvania – Biden only has 11 percent support in Florida among registered Democrats, 14 percent in Ohio and 17 percent in Pennsylvania.