White House Sides With Jorge Ramos In Fight With Trump


White House press secretary Josh Earnest weighed in on the dispute between Univision anchor Jorge Ramos and presidential candidate Donald Trump, suggesting that Trump couldn’t handle tough questions.

During a press conference last night, Ramos was escorted from the room after he refused to sit down and wait his turn to ask Trump a question.

“I’m not sure that it’s a successfully media strategy to physically remove reporters who were asking tough questions,” said Earnest, when asked to react to the scene.

Pointing to his press aides, Earnest joked that he didn’t need a large security contingent to handle the reporters in the White House press corps.

“Although they are tougher than they look,” he added as reporters laughed.

Earnest added that Trump’s rhetoric on immigration was “alarming to a lot of people” and didn’t reflect the values of the majority of Americans.