Confirmed: 11 Shootings in 13 Days on Phoenix Freeways

Phoenix Freeway Shooting ABC 15
ABC 15

Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) officials have now confirmed a total of 11 shootings in 13 days on Phoenix freeways. The only injury to this point is a cut received by a 13-year-old from a piece of glass from a shattered windshield.

When the shootings began on August 29 they were isolated to I-10 near downtown Phoenix. The incidents then shifted to I-17 and Loop 202, but have now returned I-10 once more.

According to ABC 15, the first shooting occurred on August 29 at I-10 and 19th Street, the second shooting also took place on the 29th on I-10 between 35th Avenue and 67th Avenue. On August 30 there was a shooting on I-10 near 16th Street, and on August 31 there was a shooting “between Sky Harbor Blvd. and SR 51.” The 5th shooting–which also took place on August 31–was on I-10 between 24th Street and 50th Street.

The 6th shooting marked a divergence from I-10 by occurring at I-17 and Dunlap. Shooting 7 was on “Loop 202, Between 24th Street and 32nd Street,” and shooting 8 returned to the initial pattern at I-10 and 27th Street.

The 9th shooting took place on September 8 at I-10 and 27th Avenue, and the 9th happened the same day on I-10 between 35th Avenue and 43rd Avenue. The 10th shooting took place at I-10 and 39th Avenue on September 9. The 11th shooting took place on September 10 at I-10 and 83rd Avenue.

A possible 12th shooting which reportedly occurred at “just after 5:30 a.m. near I-17 and Thomas Road” is now under investigation.

Breitbart News previously reported that Arizona DPS director Frank Milstead addressed reporters on September 8, saying, “It is just a matter of time, if this behavior continues, that we have tragedy on our roadways. To this date we have been fortunate enough not to have any serious injuries and nobody has been killed.”

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