MTA ‘Reviewing Protocols’ After Perv Masturbates in Front of Woman


On Thursday, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) in New York insisted it is “reviewing protocols” after a woman complained that a conductor wouldn’t help her when a man masturbated while watching her on the train.

In an Instagram post, Tiffany Jackson said she was straphanging on the 3 train in Brooklyn, alone with only the pervert and another man who was asleep, when the pervert, who had followed her on to the train, sat across from her. She asserted that she was texting her mother to tell her she was on her way home when she noticed the man fondling himself while staring at her. She took a few photos with her phone, then, when the train stopped at the Nevins Street station, Jackson said she jumped off the train but held the door open, prompting a conductor to yell at her to let go of the door.

Jackson said she ran to another conductor to tell him what was going on, but he rolled his eyes and radioed dispatch. The perv then got off the train, smiling, while the conductor told Jackson to go upstairs and report the incident to the booth.

Jackson said, “I wasn’t even half a step away before the conductor peeled off. When I went upstairs, there was no booth. Just jerk off man standing there, like he was waiting. I hopped the turnstile and jumped on the first train I saw. Got off at 42nd and ran straight for my Dad.” She added, “They acted like I was more of a nuisance than trying to help me, and sent me right in the path of danger.”

Although there is a callbox at the Nevins Street station, the MTA is reviewing their protocols.

After Jackson’s story went viral, Willy Mejia, from Brooklyn, thought he recognized the pervert. He told CBS New York, “Once I saw the picture, I knew that it was a guy who came here the following day, on Monday.” Mejia looked through his surveillance system and thought he saw the pervert driving a unique Dodge van; he gave the information to police.

Jackson later posted her thanks to everyone who reposted her story so that the pervert could be found, writing, I just wanted to get his face out there since so many of my homegirls take the same train.” She also said the NYPD Chief of Transit contacted her and said detectives have been assigned to the case.