Clip-on Accessory Makes Police Officers’ Guns Less-than-Lethal

Alternative Ballistics/REX Shutterstock/AP
Alternative Ballistics/REX Shutterstock/AP

California-based Alternative Ballistics has invented a clip-on accessory that renders the first round fired by a police officer less-than-lethal.

The accessory—called The Alternative—clips onto the slide of a handgun, dangling an alloy ball in front of the end of the barrel. When the officer pulls the trigger the bullet lodges in the ball, launching it at the suspect with less-than-lethal velocity.

According to Gizmodo, “The Alternative… doesn’t interfere with the operation of a handgun in any way once it’s clipped onto the muzzle. The weapon’s sights still work, and other accessories like flashlights can still be attached.” However, Gizmodo does not point out that The Alternative is not snapped onto the handgun until after it has been drawn from the holster in what could be an extremely tense situation.

In other words, police departments that use The Alternative will have to provide additional training for officers that includes showing them how to snap the device on the gun after drawing it as well as how to ascertain when less-than-lethal will suffice.

Breitbart News previously reported that instructors for the Ferguson Police Department (FPD) began working with The Alternative earlier this year. The move was a response to the public outcry when Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown after Brown reached into Wilson’s car and tried to grab his gun.

The FPD bought 5 of The Alternatives so instructors could train with them, and thereafter, train officers on how to clip them on their guns and shoot less-than-lethal rounds at suspects in the proper setting.

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