Hispanic Audience Chants ‘Run Joe Run!’ As Biden Torches Trump

Vice President Joe Biden arrives at a rally to support of raising the minimum wage for the state of New York to $15 per hour on September 10, 2015 in New York City. Biden said he would like to see the federal minimum wage risen to $12 per hour. (Photo …
Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Vice President Joe Biden is pocketing an endorsement from prominent Hispanic political activists who chanted “Run Joe Run!” as he blasted Donald Trump.

‘Run, Joe Run!’ members of the audience shouted at the Vice President, after he slammed the Republican billionaire presidential candidate for stirring up “xenophobia” against Hispanics with a “sick message.”

“Oh, no, no, no, no,” Biden replied, according to the pool report, as he tried to finish his speech.

“Folks, this will not prevail. This will not prevail,” he said. “And in the meantime, let’s not take our eye off the ball. Let’s not take our eye off the ball. Continue to fight.”

Biden traditionally hosts an event for Hispanics every year to recognize Hispanic Heritage Month, usually attracting top immigration reform activists and other Latino lawmakers.

During his speech, Biden insisted that Trump’s popularity would fade as well as his message on immigration.

“This will pass. The Trump and that stuff you’re hearing on the other team,” he said. “This isn’t about Democrat- Republican – “it’s about a sick message. This message has been tried on America many times before. We always, always, always, always, always overcome.”

Biden left this morning aboard Air Force Two for a series of speeches in California, Michigan, and Ohio – a typical travel schedule for a presidential candidate, although he has not indicated whether he will run. According to his schedule his will remain overnight in California.

Biden has been discussing the possibility of running for president behind the scenes, meeting with potential donors and supporters. He is not expected to make a decision until later this month or in October.

He is expected to discuss solar energy, climate change in California, federal spending in Detroit, and preventing sexual assault in Ohio.