Donald Trump’s Best Lines in the CNN Debate

Republican presidential hopefuls Ben Carson and Donald Trump participate in the Republican Presidential Debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California on September 16, 2015. Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump stepped into a campaign hornet's nest as his rivals collectively turned their sights on the billionaire in …
Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

Donald Trump again dominated the time in the CNN debate last night, fending off attacks and working to maintain his position at the top of the polls. Here are some of Trumpiest moments from his performance:

Responding to an attack from Jeb Bush: “More energy tonight. I like that.

On Carly Fiorina: “I think she’s got a beautiful face, and I think she’s a beautiful woman.”

On criminal illegal immigrants: “We have a lot of really bad dudes in this country from outside.”

On the immigration debate: “I don’t think you’d even be talking about illegal immigration if it weren’t for me.”

Talking to Bush about his wife: “Well, I have to tell you, I hear phenomenal things. I hear your wife is a lovely woman.”

Responding to Bush’s demand for an apology: “No, because I said nothing wrong,”

On deporting illegal immigrants: “We will move them out. The great ones will come back, the good ones will come back.”

On speaking English in America: “We have a country, where, to assimilate, you have to speak English.”

On Carly Fiorina’s business record: “So I only say this. She can’t run any of my companies. That I can tell you.”

On debate moderator Hugh Hewitt: “Well, I heard Hugh Hewitt, a nice man, he apologized because he actually said that we had a misunderstanding … we had a legitimate misunderstanding in terms of his pronunciation of a word.”

On foreign policy: “I’m a very militaristic person, but you have to know when to use the military.”

Making fun of Rand Paul: “I never attacked him on his looks, and believe me, there’s plenty of subject matter right there.”

Against George W. Bush: “Your brother — and your brother’s administration gave us Barack Obama, because it was such a disaster, those last three months, that Abraham Lincoln couldn’t have been elected.”

His Secret Service call name: “Humble.”

Wrapping everything up: “We were discussing all sorts of things tonight, many of which will just be words, it will just pass on … a lot of what we talked about is words and it will be forgotten very quickly.”

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