Jeb Bush Turns On Marco Rubio; Compares Him To Obama

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush swiped at his former political …

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush swiped at his former political pupil, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), by accusing him of not being ready to lead the country and also by comparing him to President Barack Obama.

During an Oct. 1 conversation on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” John Heilemann asked him if Rubio had the “leadership skills” necessary to fix problems in the country.

“It’s not known,” Bush replied. “Barack Obama didn’t end up having them and he won an election based on the belief that people had that he could, and he didn’t even try.”

Bush reminded the audience that Rubio was a member of the Florida State House of Representatives when he was the governor.

“I think I have the leadership skills to fix things and that’s what I talk about,” Bush said.

Since the Sept. 16 primary debate, Rubio has inched ahead of Bush in the polls, raising his support in the Republican establishment. Other freshman senators, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, are also running, while two governors, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, have already dropped out of the race.

When asked about polls showing strong support for outsiders Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina, Bush pointed to frustration in the country with Washington, which he blamed on Republicans’ failure to block Obama’s agenda.

“A lot of anger, a lot of angst, people are really upset with what’s going on in Washington for good reason. Our team hasn’t delivered what was promised,” Bush admitted. “Maybe they over-promised in the election,” he added.