Chris Christie: I’m Undead

Gov. Chris Christie talks with a family affected by Superstorm Sandy at a lounge in the New Point Comfort Fire Company on February 4, 2014 in Keansburg, New Jersey. Christie, whose governorship is being threatened by a scandal is facing federal investigation over use of Sandy funds. (Photo by )
Kena Betancur/Getty Images

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie tells MSNBC’s Morning Joe “I’m undead.” The show’s hosts admitted that they’ve been hearing his name more often in conversations about the presidency.

Christie pointed out that his polling numbers were actually turning around since he launched his political campaign.

A recent national CBS poll showed Christie earning three percent support, slightly above Huckabee and Kasich and the rest of the Republican candidates only earning one percent.

The latest Quinnipiac poll showed that Christie’s favorable ratings among registered voters climbed to 36 percent – nearly 10 points higher than a previous poll.

Christie credited part of his turnaround to the last CNN Republican debate — when he interrupted Carly Fiorina’s defense of her business record to inform her that voters cared more about the future of the country than her fight with businessman Donald Trump.

“On that debate stage even though I was up there for three hours and only spoke for ten minutes, the fact is that ten minutes made a difference and it will continue to happen that way because we’re talking about things people care about,” he said, during his appearance on Morning Joe.

If his polling strength continues, Christie will hold a slot for the next Republican debate, which will be hosted by CNBC on October 29.