Luis Gutierrez Tells Women Obama Will Keep Planned Parenthood ‘Safe’

Associated Press
Associated Press

Amnesty supporter Rep. Luis Gutierrez said during a recent congressional committee hearing that President Barack Obama will not allow Planned Parenthood to be defunded and will veto any legislation that seeks to do that.

Speaking at a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee October 8 that focused on the abortion business’ procedures and medical ethics, Luis Gutierrez—who has endorsed Rep. Paul Ryan for House Speaker—told fellow lawmakers Obama will “veto that legislation, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Gutierrez said legalized abortion is “the law of the land.”

As reports, Gutierrez said Republicans were attempting to “sully the reputation of an organization.”

“And—you know what—you guys have opened one big Pandora’s box here, because on repeated occasions here today, the minority [sic] and their witnesses have questioned the integrity of the minority panel, by questioning who it is we receive campaign contributions from,” he continued.

Gutierrez went on to demand that, in turn, Republicans should provide information about all donations they receive from the NRA.

Despite his defensive speech, Luis Gutierrez said he is not worried about Planned Parenthood being defunded.

“I tell the women of America, ‘You are safe,’” he said. “Because you have a president of the United States that will veto any legislation that comes out of this committee and might make it to the floor of the House. He’ll veto that legislation, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”