Mike Huckabee: ‘Appalled’ by Washington’s Budget Deal, Raiding $150 Billion from Social Security Trust Fund

Mike Huckabee finger AP
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Washington, DC

Ahead of the CNBC GOP presidential primary debate on Wednesday in Colorado, which is said to focus on the economy, GOP candidate and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is slamming the debt deal put forth by GOP leadership in Congress that takes $150 billion from the Social Security Trust Fund but doesn’t address the disability insurance program’s waste, fraud, and abuse.

“I am appalled that Washington’s latest budget deal will raid $150 billion from the Social Security Trust Fund. Social Security is a promise to America’s seniors–not a piggybank slush fund for Washington politicians,” Huckabee said in a press release on Tuesday. “Americans shouldn’t sacrifice their Social Security benefits so we can bailout irresponsible Washington politicians.”

Huckabee said this “is typical Washington” and recalled when ObamaCare took $700 billion out of the Medicare Trust Fund.

“I have a better idea, let’s reform the disability insurance program, which is full of endless waste, fraud and abuse. Instead of stealing benefits from seniors, let’s protect Social Security, preserve Medicare and keep our promises to seniors,” he proposed.