Secret Service Agent Arrested for Soliciting Sex from a Minor

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The Associated Press

Lee Robert Moore, 37, a member of the Secret Service assigned to the White House, was arrested Monday after he was found to be soliciting sex from someone he thought to be a 14-year-old girl, according to The Washington Post.

According to UPI, the girl turned out to be Delaware State Police Detective Kevin McKay, who was working with the state’s Child Predator Task Force. Moore exchanged multiple text messages with McKay, including a photograph of his genitals. Moore is married, and has two children.

Moore admitted that he thought the girl was a minor and that he had often texted her from the White House. McKay wrote in an affidavit: “He stated he wanted to travel to Delaware and meet in person for sex. [He] made it clear that he knew I was a 14 yr old girl.”

Moore’s job did not entail presidential or vice presidential protective details. Some Secret Service officers perform perimeter security functions or admit visitors.

Moore was oblivious to the fact that the recipient of his messages was not a 14-year-old girl, even after his arrest, writing, “I don’t think we should talk anymore. I can’t explain, but I have too much going on, and I need to pull away from talking to people online altogether. This will be my last message. I’m sorry, but I won’t be on kick or meet 24 again.”

Moore was placed on leave; his agency-issued equipment was seized and his security clearance revoked.