Scooped Journalists Moan and Groan After Breitbart Accurately Reports 8 Syrians Caught at Border

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Image: Wiki-Commons

Eight Syrians showed up at a port of entry on the border in Laredo, Texas, and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and other federal agencies did not inform the public. Breitbart Texas brought the issue to the attention of the public. The issue would have remained unknown otherwise. Mainstream media outlets decided that our reporting that two sources “claimed the Syrians were caught at a port of entry” should have been stated as “Syrians turned themselves in at a port of entry” or were “taken into custody at a port of entry.”

Some outlets even went as far to claim falsely that our report was inaccurate or false due to our sources using the word “caught.” Only after we brought the issue to the awareness of the public did Obama’s CBP leadership decide to inform the public that Syrians were now showing up at the U.S.-Mexico border. The CBP insisted to media that the use of the word “caught” was inaccurate.

Look at what happened. CBP and their mainstream media allies attempted to get the public to focus on semantics rather than discuss the further evidence of a pipeline for Syrians into Mexico and to the largely porous, unsecured U.S.-Mexico border. CBP officials covered for their lack of transparency with the American public by lashing out and attacking. Note, this is not the first time CBP has engaged in efforts that were meant to influence public opinion or manipulate U.S. media.

Breitbart Texas also reported that five Pakistani men and one man from Afghanistan were apprehended after illegally crossing into Arizona from Mexico. The FBI later confirmed this to a local NBC affiliate. Note that in this case, clearly of public interest, CBP also kept knowledge of the occurrence from the public. We exposed it.

There was also the case of an Iraqi military trainer who was caught illegally crossing the U.S.- Mexico border that CBP failed to inform the public about. We also broke that story and CBP was forced to acknowledge the matter after we reported it to the public. The hurt feelings in CBP’s politically-appointed leadership must be overwhelming. Note again that the CBP kept knowledge of this matter from the public and our report forced them to be truthful.

We will continue to help bring a voice to the men and women of the Border Patrol, whom CBP seems all too willing to ignore when it comes to the realities along the border. As we break exclusives and expose the dangers of our government’s inattention to the border, we are fully aware that people with an agenda to keep the border open and the dangers quiet will continue to find the smallest reasons to attack us. They no longer have a monopoly on what the public knows and they simply aren’t handling it well.

So yes, readers, you now know about Syrians at the border because of those Breitbart Texas sources who used words like “caught” and “apprehended at a port of entry.” Our sources were accurate, told us about the eight Syrians that CBP now confirms exist. Our sources mentioned, and we reported, that the Syrians were “family units” and “at a port of entry.” All correct. All true.

CBP and media outlets attacking over the semantics of “caught” are desperate and reveal a massively screwed up set of values and priorities on the part of the left-of-center CBP leadership and the mainstream media.

Sorry you got scooped by “just a Breitbart blogger,” left media folks, but your history of calculated, made-up controversies and attacks just like this one, and your history of ignoring the realities and risks posed by our open border, are the exact reasons why we have over 20 million readers–and some of the most informed and involved readers in the world.