Donald Trump Campaign Manager Slams Rubio for Skipping Terrorism Briefing

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to guests following a town hall meeting at Des Moines Area Community College Newton Campus on November 19, 2015 in Newton, Iowa. Trump is currently leading the race for the Republican presidential nomination in Iowa. (Photo by )
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Washington, DC

Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski says Trump is ready to lead the fight against ISIS.

Lewandowski also mocked supposed “foreign policy experts” in the race who sit on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee “but when they had an opportunity to come and have a briefing on the Paris attacks … they were in California raising money in Orange County.”

That’s a clear shot at Senator Marco Rubio, who was recently chastised in the media for missing the Paris briefing to attend a fundraiser. Citing Rubio’s less than stellar voting record, Lewandowski also said, “If we’re serious about fighting terrorism, I would think it would be more important for that individual to be in the committee hearing getting a briefing, than it would be to be out raising money…. The difference is, Donald Trump is a leader. He knows what leadership is.”

He also cited a recent Bloomberg poll that had Trump as the clear winner when it comes to leadership, protecting the country and fighting terrorism.

Lewandowski made the comments today during an exclusive interview with Breitbart Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Daily radio program.

Asked about recent media attacks on Republican front runner Donald Trump over his anti-terrorism remarks, Lewandowski, said, “The world is a very, very dangerous place. We’ve seen this in the last week and we’ve been reminded that radical Islamist terrorists are willing to do and say anything to get their point across and we have an administration who refuses to even acknowledge that term and it’s a true tragedy.”

“I think what our country needs right now and what our country is looking for is a strong leader, he continued, “someone who is willing to put our interests first. Someone who’s willing to make sure that our families are safe. Someone who’s willing to say the things that may not be politically correct but are best for our country … let’s make sure that if we’re going to bring in refugees … we know who these people are and they’re not terrorists coming in under the guise of refugee status.”

In discussing the recent attacks in Paris, Lewandowski pointed out that some of the terrorists exploited France’s refugee program to gain access. They then went on to discuss both problems with the current administration’s approach to fighting domestic terrorism, as well as questions that need to be asked as regards current refugees coming from Syria.

The full approximately ten minute interview is available below.

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