Huckabee Takes Shot At Environmentalists: The Greatest Threat To Society Is A Beheading, Not A Sunburn

Republican Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee, former Governor of Arkansas, speaks during the 2016 Republican Jewish Coalition Presidential Candidates Forum in Washington, DC, December 3, 2015. AFP PHOTO / SAUL LOEB / AFP / SAUL LOEB (Photo credit should read
Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee says that if he is elected president he will serve as the commander-in-chief rather than the meteorologist-in-chief. He’s also mocking global warming alarmists who, he says, think “the greatest threat to society is a sunburn.”

Speaking at the Republican Jewish Coalition conference, Huckabee took a shot at President Obama who just returned from a climate summit France aimed at getting countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

“The greatest threat to society is a beheading, not a sunburn” said Huckabee. He said that the next president of the United States needs to be “commander-in-chief, not the meteorologist-in-chief.”

During the question and answer portion of his talk, Huckabee was asked about race relations in America.

“Obama could have been one of the great presidents of all time, but chose not to be,” Huckabee said. Obama “chose to bring divisive spirit to the job of the president.”

Huckabee also made clear that he is against a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine.

“I consider it no solution whatsoever,” Huckabee said. “There cannot be two states holding for the same piece of real estate, especially when one of those states does not believe the other even has a right to exist, much less exist peacefully.”
Huckabee said that many American presidents have discussed moving its embassy to Jerusalem, but “are afraid it’s an act of provocation.”
“The United States needs to finally make the definitive statement of who it’s taking sides with and move its embassy to Jerusalem and once and for all declare that we know who our peace partner in the Middle East is, and it’s Israel.”