More YouTube Stars Invited To The White House For Obama Interviews


The White House says President Obama will host another round of interviews with YouTube stars this year after the State of the Union address.

Obama followed the same media strategy in 2015, hosting interviews with Bethany Mota, GloZell, and Hank Green – even though traditional media was astonished that the president would allow himself to be interviewed by a woman who once sat in a bathtub full of Fruit Loops.

This year, Obama will be interviewed by these three new stars:

Ingrid Nilsen: Fashion and lifestyle personality.

Nilson just posted a YouTube video announcing the news just moments ago and sharing her excitement with her fans.

Nilsen came out as gay in a tearful video to her fans in June 2015 in a video that earned over 13 million views.

“sWooZie”: Former Disney employee and African-American personality who discusses life with a mixture of animations and drawings.

Among his more popular videos is a discussion of “driving while black” and what it was like to cheat in high school, middle school, and college.

Destin: “Smarter Every Day”

The owner of the “Smarter Every Day” channel appears to be a selection of various science and technology videos including one of his more popular videos: “Burning Astronaut Pee”