EXCLUSIVE — Mary Matalin: Biden Has a Roadmap to Run

Carolyn Kaster/AP
Carolyn Kaster/AP

Still reeling from news that Hillary Clinton is losing to Bernie Sanders in Iowa and New Hampshire, political insiders are predicting another big-name announcement could come along soon.

Vice president Joe Biden is taking shots at Hillary Clinton, prompting overheard “groans” in Clinton campaign headquarters. Biden’s recent decision not to run, in the aftermath of the death of his son Beau, could still be reversed.

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg recently commissioned a poll pitting himself against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical three-way race. Speculation mounts in Washington that Bloomberg has his eye on running.

Veteran Republican political strategist Mary Matalin told Breitbart News that Biden could still get in, and Elizabeth Warren is still an option.

“Biden’s departure was more a roadmap to a potential run than a pull-out,” Matalin said. “Warren couldn’t or wouldn’t be permitted to resist a deep Draft Movement.”

“In my humble opinion, dictated by logic, the Democratic Party is with Hillary because she had big muscle, they owed her, and they had few better options who were willing to challenge her. And identity politics.”

“There doesn’t seem to be the kind of passion and energy usually evidenced by political crusaders,” Matalin said of the Clinton campaign. “It’s more just a lot of political professionals protecting and/or advancing their personal futures.”

Bernie Sanders is sapping Clinton’s support with white Democrats, according to all the latest polls. Donald Trump also leads Clinton among white voters and white voters with college degrees, according to the Reuters poll.