Tea Party Activist: Cruz ‘Palinesque’ for Fighting GOP Estab

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On Friday’s Breitbart News Daily, Jackie Siciliano, a longtime Tea Party activist and “Palinista,” said she endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for president because he is “Palinesque in calling out the GOP” exactly like Palin does.

“He’s a fighter, and I like that in someone,” she said, adding that Cruz is “courageous” for standing up to the Republican establishment.

Speaking to host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon, Siciliano said she also has “appreciated the conversations that Donald Trump has started” on issues like immigration that the GOP establishment do not want to discuss.

“These conversations are difficult to have but they need to be spoken about,” she said.

But Siciliano said she decided to back Cruz because of his articulateness, “educational background,” and the arguments he has made in front of the Supreme Court.

Though she was not trying to read Palin’s mind, Siciliano said perhaps Palin endorsed Trump because she figured “we see the momentum of Trump and maybe we need to put this thing to bed early on and we need to go on the attack” against the other side.

Palin made clear in her endorsement that one of Trump’s biggest strengths is that he is “beholden to no one,” which allows him to best combat crony capitalism and what Cruz has called the “Washington cartel.”

In recent days, Trump, again living off the political land and not displaying any strategic sense whatsoever, has attacked Cruz for not cutting deals with the Republican establishment and Democrats in Congress. Trump can effectively end the race if he wins Iowa, but attacking Cruz for not compromising with Washington’s permanent class leaves Trump vulnerable to losing the support of some conservative caucus-goers in Iowa, which could damage his chances of potentially dealing the GOP field a knockout blow with a decisive Iowa victory.

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