Bernie Sanders: Conservatives and Republicans Are also Tired of ‘Establishment Politics’

<> on January 25, 2016 in Des Moines, Iowa.
Justin Sullivan/Getty

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders told his Democratic audience at a televised town-hall meeting that conservatives are also tired of the establishment politics.

“It is not just Democrats. It is conservatives, it is Republicans,” who recognize that the system is broken, Sanders said at the Iowa event.

Sanders said at the Monday-night CNN town hall that at least one part of his populist message is resounding across political barriers. “We are touching a nerve with people who agree that establishment politics is just not enough,” he said.

However, Sanders’ view of “democratic socialism” and his plan to tax upper-income individuals at 90 percent is certainly not sitting well with Republicans.

Sanders also discussed his view on “re-distribution of wealth in this country,” which has heretofore favored those at the top, noting that his “Republican friends” are not happy with the term “re-distribution.”

Donald Trump is galvanizing conservatives with his populist crusade against the media and special interests, providing a right-wing advocate for the anti-establishment revolt playing out across the country. But Trump’s economic plans are a far cry from Sanders’ plans.

Trump’s proposed tax plan closes corporate loopholes and slashes taxes for everyone, with low-income Americans paying zero in income taxes.