Jennifer Jacobs: Skipping Debate Could Help Trump

Supporters listen to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speak during a campaign event at the University of Iowa Field House, Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2016 in Iowa City, Iowa. (
AP Photo/Paul Sancya
Des Moines, IA

The Des Moines Register‘s chief political reporter Jennifer Jacobs joined Breitbart News Daily host Stephen K. Bannon to discuss the final week before the Iowa caucuses.

While reactions to frontrunner Donald Trump’s decision to nix the upcoming Fox News debate from Iowa have been somewhat divided, Jacobs said she has been seeing plenty of feedback that suggests it is viewed as a sign of strength by many and yet another chance for the businessman to push back against a much loathed political establishment.

She also noted that as frontrunner, not giving his various challengers a chance to pile up on him in a last minute debate could work to his advantage.

Jacobs also cited both her own newspaper’s poll and Quinnipiac to support her belief that the race in Iowa remains close, as opposed to how some other polls have suggested. In terms of new registrants while allowing that there could still be a huge wave even on the day itself, Jacob’s said the ten-thousand new voters who have signed up for the caucuses so far is not recording breaking by any means.

You can listen to the entire interview below.