Gallup: Jeb Bush Only Republican Candidate With Net Unfavorable Rating

epublican presidential candidate Jeb Bush speaks at a town hall style meeting for employees at C & S Wholesalers on February 2, 2016 in Keene, New Hampshire. Bush is in New Hampshire campaigning ahead of the state's primary on February 9. (Photo by)
Andrew Burton/Getty Images

A recent survey from Gallup shows that Jeb Bush is the only candidate with a net unfavorable rating — even after he’s aired millions of dollars of ads to promote his candidacy.

Since July, Bush’s net favorable rating has gone from 27 points in to negative one point, according to the survey of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents.

That’s even lower than Donald Trump, widely considered to be the most controversial candidate in the Republican field.

Forty-five percent of voters have an unfavorable view of Bush, ten points more than Trump. Ted Cruz has the lowest unfavorable ratings with 16 percent.

The Right to Rise Super PAC backing Bush raised more than $100 million last year and has spent about $60 million on ads so far tearing down Bush’s opponents and promoting Bush – but with little to show for it.

Bush’s team struggled after Donald Trump branded him as “low energy” early in the campaign season.

Trump has additionally mocked Bush for wasting millions running for president.

“Low energy candidate Jeb Bush has wasted $80 million on his failed presidential campaign,” Trump said in January. “Millions spent on me. He should go home and relax!”