Obama ‘Pardons’ Himself On Colbert Show: ‘I’m The President’


President Obama surprised viewers of The Late Show by appearing via a pretaped interview at the White House, which aired after the Super Bowl on CBS.

When asked via video if he watched the Super Bowl, Obama replied, “Of course I did, after every Super Bowl, I call the winning team to congratulate them and sometimes I also call the losing team, especially if I bet on them.”

“Sir, I hate to break this to you, but betting is illegal,” Colbert said.

Obama chuckled, “I’m the president, I hereby pardon myself.”

He predicted (via the pre-taped interview) that the Broncos would win the Super Bowl, which stunned Colbert for his accuracy.

Obama joked that the winners of the next 50 Super Bowls were listed on the back of the U.S. Constitution, something he said would be featured in the plot of National Treasure 3.