Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Women Victims To Hit Campaign Trail


Reuters reports that Roger Stone, a Republican strategist and Donald Trump supporter, is putting together a group of women to campaign against Hillary Clinton, should the former Secretary of State win the Democrat nomination. The political action committee, originally created last year with the name Women Against Hillary, is now called the Rape Accountability Project for Education PAC, or RAPE PAC.

Kathleen Willey, a Democrat who once volunteered in Bill Clinton’s White House, is in talks to be the national spokesperson for the Stone group. Willey claims that in 1993, in the Oval Office, Bill Clinton pinned her to a wall and groped her. “This gives me more of an opportunity to get this message out to young voters who weren’t even born or don’t even remember what happened and to the women who have suffered,” Willey told Reuters.

Stone told Reuters. “[The Clintons] are going to be confronted every day, on radio, on television, on billboards.”

Willey is not alone. Paula Jones has popped back into the news during this campaign. In the 1990’s then-President Bill Clinton settled a sexual harassment with Jones. Juanita Broaddrick, who claims Bill Clinton outright raped her, has also been back in the public eye, including through social media via her Twitter account.

As someone who lived through the 1990’s I can tell you that the DC Media was every bit as ugly as Hillary when it came to personally destroying these women. To protect their alleged abuser, a sitting Democrat president, the media was a White House ally in attacking these women as liars, stalkers, psychos, and golddiggers.

The fact that Bill Clinton ended up settling with Jones, ended up admitting he had lied about his affair with a White House intern, or that Broaddrick has contemporaneous witnesses she told about the assault, did nothing to alter the DC Media’s role in personally destroying any and all Clinton accusers.

This is why God invented the super PAC.

In 2016, Stone and Willey can go right over the heads of Hillary’s media.

Free speech is a beautiful thing.


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